The Possibilities of Blogging

When I first heard of blogging, I didn’t really see the purpose. I wondered how people had to time to create and actively post on their blogs, and didn’t really know any benefits that came with blogging. However, my opinion on blogging is definitely changing, and I am starting to see how important blogging really is. In the article, Blogging To Establish Your Digital Identity, it mentioned the benefits blogging can have on getting a job. This is something I never really thought of before. A blog can serve as an online portfolio, displaying ones accomplishments, awards, and experience in a more personal manner. We have every right to show off the things we worked hard to achieve! The article also stated that, “blogging shows that you have taken the time to learn how to write for a wider, non-academic audience and allows you to establish a unique brand that sets you apart from other applicants with a similar education”. Blogging is a way to make us stand out from one another. It’s not a standard resume that you have to make and isn’t the same format as everybody else’s. It is an optional “hobby” that allows you to be be creative but still professional. It also helps develop important skills, such as writing, critical thinking, and opinion forming. These skills are needed when looking for and sustaining a career. In fact, in NACE,Job Outlook 2017, chart 38 displays attributes employers look for on a candidates resume. According to this chart, writing skills are more important than verbal skills. If one has a blog that they actively use and write on, it will help develop strong writing skills that could increase their chance of getting selected for a job. After reading all this, I was motivated to start a blog, because I want to stand out around those around me. Blogging isn’t useless, it can help recruiters see that you are passionate about your work and willing to put in more work than others! A common theme that was repeated in this article, and anything else discussing blogging, is creativity and originality. It’s another way to create an online identity and present yourself to a chosen online audience. In “Digital Literacy, Engagement, And Digital Identity Development”, it discussed the importance of developing a digital identity. If we don’t engage in digital literacy with peers or teachers, we won’t get experience communicating professionally online. The more we bring ourselves out of our comfort zone, the more we can learn and establish a digital identity. Yes, writing takes time. But, doesn’t everything in life? “Practice makes perfect”, a simple quote that is relevant here. In order to become better writers, we need to experience writing in a variety of settings. Good writing takes time, we just have to be willing to put in the effort.

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  1. Good job! I never realized that jobs look more for writing skills than verbal skills. As for practice making perfect, my dad always warned me to avoid using that saying. He said that in life practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. So in my opinion, we do need practice writing in a variety of settings, but we also have to make sure we’re using proper grammar, phrasing, and etc.

  2. Blogging has a multitude of benefits including functioning as an online portfolio when applying for jobs. In our blogs we can showcase our own sense of style to captivate and attract our audience such as when we express our achievements. Blogging allows us to differentiate ourselves and display our thoughts in our own unique way.

    When pondering its potential uses, blogging is virtually limitless. To name a few, it can be used in the academic, business, and political arenas. Blogging can bring together like-minded individuals to support a common cause. It is a fantastic medium to allow us to communicate our views to a wide audience that we otherwise would not be able to reach. Hopefully, it can even be the spark to ignite discussion and ultimate achievement of solutions to serious problems plaguing our society when alternative viewpoints are presented in blogs.

  3. I strongly agree that blogging has many benefits that stretches beyond the realm of just improving your writing. It can help you with creativity and engaging with others from a non-academic perspective. Blogging can even land you an internship or job and act as your own personal portfolio. It’s getting harder to separate yourself from other applicants for a job in today’s world, and blogging is one major component that can set yourself apart from the average person.

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