The Evolution of Technology

Technology has been a growing industry for many years. At it’s rise, the purpose of technology was to help increase the efficiency of life and to make everyday tasks more simple. For example, in the mid 1940’s, technology that allowed mathematic calculations to occur was very popular. This includes the earliest form of the calculator, a topic that the article focused on quite a bit. Since math skills were a necessity, especially in certain work environments, a calculator would help generate mathematical equations with ease more quickly. In the article, “As We May Think”, by Vannevar Bush, the current progress and future goals for technology were documented. As of that time period, the 1940’s, the popular technology included devices such as cameras, calculators, printers, and televisions. Although they were not anywhere near the level of advancement that we are today, technology was developed enough to offer several benefits to the public. For example, as stated in the article, “There are signs of a change as new and powerful instrumentalities come into use.” This quote proves that technology is changing the way the world is working. This can relate to the world we live in today. One of the most common things talked about in society, especially by people of older age, is how different the world is due to technology. However, this change isn’t exactly positive. When technology was first growing, the effects that it had on society were mostly positive because it allowed for many important tasks to be done that could have never been done before. This includes taking pictures, driving cars, flying airplanes, solving difficult mathematical equations, and performing complicated surgeries. Although technology today is still growing, many of the new inventions are for recreational purposes. When I think of technology in todays society, the most popular things that come to mind are cell phones, computers, video games, and social media. After all, these are what I use most in my everyday life. In the article, “How Much Time Do We Spend On Social Media,” it breaks down the amount of time an average person spends on social media, and I was shocked by these results. On average, we spend more time on social media than we do eating and drinking, which is a basic need for survival. Humans are making social media and technology more of a priority than their own survival needs. The amount of people using these social  media sites, such as facebook and instagram, is only increasing everyday. That means that in the future, we will be spending more and more time on the internet, especially if more social sites develop. Technology is an important part in society today, but the heavy reliance on it may be detrimental to our social relationships with one another. So, I guess the choice is ours; do we keep up with the latest technologies or take a step back from them? 

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