How Technology Impacted My Life

Technology has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would play computer games on our family computer in the living room countless hours. I remember playing video games with my friends and siblings, entertained by our enormous collection of games. As I got older, more and more toys started to become technology based. I went from playing barbies to playing virtual reality games on hand held devices and being glued to my computer screen. When I was about ten years old, a popular electronic for kids my age was a DS. All of my friends had one, and I was absolutely thrilled when I received mine on Christmas morning. My friends and I would constantly trade DS games, fascinated by all of the different options. Although the technology was nothing like it is for children today, it was still a big part of my childhood. My family always reminds me how we used to have family game nights and play together on the Wii. We would play game after game together, never getting tired of it. When my friends would come over, we would always run to the TV and turn on the gaming station. Growing up with technology had a positive impact on me because I had experience for when I needed to use technology in school. For example, when were were old enough to use computers in class, I had already been exposed to one and knew how to operate it. I even became the family member in my household that my parents would turn to if they couldn’t figure out something on their phones or computers. This made me realize the positive impact that growing up with technology had on me because I was able to use my skills to not only benefit myself but others as well. However, there are some times where I wish I wasn’t so reliant on technology. When I was a junior in high school, I started having issues with my laptop. It was old and began to break down. When it broke, I felt like there was so much I couldn’t do. Almost all of my homework assignments involved a laptop, and without one, I could not do my work. I felt helpless, and it made me realized how unfair school is to kids without technology skills or access to computers. It puts them at a disadvantage compared to the other students. Technology is expensive, and not everybody can afford to have devices such as smart phones or laptops. Although technology is already heavily relied on in schools, I believe that this dependency will only continue to grow. In high school and college, computer access is necessary to students for things such as assignments and class websites. In elementary school, we started to learn basic computer skills in the first grade. However, this was mainly just for fun, and our assignments were always handwritten. I predict that in the future, kids as young as the age of seven will be required to do assignments and tests on computers. In fact, I have a little sister who is currently in fifth grade, and last year, her class had a website. On this website, items such as the class agenda and homework assignments were posted. Families with computers and internet access had advantage because they could see what their child was doing in school. I predict children will become more dependent on technology and learn more complex technology skills at a younger age. Even today, I am noticing very young children who know how to use devices such as cell phones and iPads. I received a cell phone when I was about eleven, but didn’t really know how to properly operate it until I was about thirteen. Now, children as young as three years old know how to play games and take pictures on smartphones. Even though I would like to be less dependent on technology, I know that our society is going to grow more and more dependent on these devices, and it would be difficult if I were to isolate myself from these new advancements.

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