Googling Myself… Or So I Thought

Google obviously contains an enormous amount of information, so it’s I’m not surprised by what happened when I googled myself. Okay, maybe I’m a little surprised by the content, but not by the fact that I had to search so much to find information about myself when googling my name. When I googled, “Jessica Deemer”, the first couple of links that came up were about a murder. Apparently, in 2008, a girl named Jessica Deemer was murdered by her ex husband. Although this happened nine years ago, it was still the first topic that came up when I googled my name. In fact, almost all of the links on the first google page were articles related to the murder. I have to admit, typing my name and seeing an obituary come up is definitely spooky. But, the with the amount of information google stores, I’m not surprised that it would have a record of something like this, and the fact that so many articles about it came up leads me to think that it was a very popular story at one time. I was shocked, however, when I looked through the first five pages of my google search and only found one thing about me, my instagram. I know that there are multiple Jessica Deemers, and some with very unfortunate pasts, but I was expecting to find more of my social media because Im pretty active on it. Maybe the other Jessica Deemer’s who’s social medias popped up are more active than I am or have more followers than I do. My instagram was the only social media sight of mine that I saw, but I wouldn’t say thats the site I’m most active on. When I looked at images, the first pictures to come up were of the girl who was killed, which I expected after seeing all of the articles. There were a couple pictures of me, but they were from videos of myself dancing in productions at my dance studio and one picture of me dancing from the Morning Call. I only saw one picture from a social media site. When I looked at the videos, a lot of them were of me or peers from my dance studio dancing. This surprised me, because I didn’t really think those videos had many views. When I used other searching sites, such as Bing, I got similar results. When I typed in my full name, including my middle name, an article and pictures of me at my high school graduation from the Morning Call was one of the first links to appear. However, none of the pictures were of me.

Overall, I think that the more active I am on social media and the internet in general, the more likely I am to show up when my name is googled. Hopefully, in the future, I appear when googled, but on more professional sights, such as LinkedIn. I don’t really plan on keeping or remaining active on my social media as I get older.  This could make it harder for me to be found when googled, however social media isn’t the only way one can be found on the internet. If I create a website or a blog and am active on it, I could easily be found there. Overall, I learned the more active I am on the internet, the more likely I am to show up.

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