First Week of FYS

This week, I began my first year seminar, “Who Controls Your Digital World”.  During this course, I hope to achieve my goal of learning more about technology. To be more specific, I  hope to learn when technology started to become involved in everyday life, why there are different forms of technology, and what programs and people are really behind the devices that we rely on every day. I hope this course teaches me more about who/what social media sights are run by, mainly because social media is apart of my everyday life. I would also expect to learn how technology and social media platforms might grow within the next ten years. To me, having my own web presence through Berg Build means that I am able to freely express my thoughts and opinions about this course and the articles in which we read. Through this blog, I am able to have a voice that will connect me to my classmates and allow myself to hear the opinions from others as well. Hearing my fellow classmates thoughts and opinions will help me learn by seeing things from other perspectives that differ from my own.

Although I use technology in my everyday life, I don’t always enjoy it. Even though it can be handy to find  information right at my fingertips without having to go to a library, I still find technology difficult and glitchy. Technology has a lot of problems, and many of these problems aren’t easy to fix on your own. If there is a glitch in the system, the whole device is affected and becomes hard to use. For example, I experienced a glitch in this website when trying to set up my blog account. This prevented me from being able to do my work, which made me less efficient. So, although technology can be quick and handy, it has to be working smooth and efficiently, which isn’t always guaranteed.

Having a public blog means that others can view my work whenever they choose. This has both negative and positive effects. A negative effect is that not everyone is going to agree with the content I choose to make public. This can lead to arguments with my peers about certain topics. However, this can also be a positive effect. Seeing others react to my work and give feedback will allow me to see their perspective on a certain topic that may differ from mine. This will keep me openminded to what others have to say, and I may also learn from them and their view point.



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