Expanding My Domain Knowledge

Tonight, I attended a talk, Domains In Progress, hosted by the digital learning team. Adam Croom both attended and spoke at this talk, and I learned many interesting facts about the process of creating a domain. ┬áIn order to create a successful domain, one must know the building blocks of creativity. A domain is aimed at the goal of self expression. No two domains should be the same. Our domains should be personal, and reflects things like our interests, passions, hobbies, and lifestyles. This is difficult for many students, like myself, because we’ve never done anything like this before. It tends to make us anxious and feel stressed, mainly because we feel like we are doing it wrong. We are so used to online sights that have a template for us, like twitter, Instagram, facebook, and snapchat. However, a domain can be whatever you want to make it. We need to own it, and take time to develop it as a new piece of our online history. This being said, it will definitely take time to fully develop our domains. You can just do it in a couple minutes. It will take month, even years, to experiment with your domain and find out a way that it will represent you. The more we learn about what we can do with our domains, the more we can teach each other. For example, Adam said he loved watching students teach each other how to do certain things to their domains. Adam also said he he encourages teachers and professors to put few guidelines on our domains, because it will restrict us from expressing ourselves. After all, it is our own domain. I enjoyed when the professors spoke during the presenations and shared what their domain and their students domain looked like. It was interesting to see all the diversity in the layout of domains and what information was shared on domains. It really wrapped up how domains are about creativity and self expression, we have to be willing to take risks and be presentations.

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  1. I also liked his “Wisdom Wall” and may incorporate something like that for our course.

    Your domain here at Muhlenberg is just the beginning, and I hope you keep building it up!

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